RYA jetski (PWC) Instructor Courses

RYA PWC (Jetski) Instructor Course, Poole

If you're looking to start out with instructing or expanding into a different discipline we are here to help. With seven RYA Instructor Trainers on our team and our Principal having been running instructor training for 15 years, we have the expertise to advise you on the routes and requirements whichever direction you choose to go. We can also offer preparation sessions to those looking to attend the RYA PWC Trainers course. We have scheduled instructor courses every month throughout the year. 

Just browse our website and drop us an email with any questions you have. If our course dates don't suit you, let us know as it may be possible to set up a course to meet your schedule. 

rya jetski pwc instructor course

Duration: 3 days

Prepare to teach the RYA Jetski (PWC) Proficiency & Safety Courses.

rya powerboat instructor to jetski instructor conversion

Duration: 1 day

RYA Powerboat Instructor to PWC Instructor Conversion Course. 

Why choose to complete your instructor training with us?

Our friendly and helpful team has 7 RYA Instructor Trainers to assist you through every step of your training. 

We will strive to ensure you achieve your aims. 

We will share our wealth of experience with you. 

We will continue to support you even after you have completed your course. 

How to convert from RYA Powerboat Instructor to RYA PWC (jetski) instructor?

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