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Why choose us?

Having been involved in Superyacht Crew RYA Training since its inception in 2007 we are certainly not new to the Yachting industry, our team are 'well-versed' in the etiquette of onboard operations. We know that each Yacht operates slightly differently and therefore are team will always take the lead from the crew onboard. Unlike many other businesses operating within the Yachting industry we do not perceive you as a 'cash cow' instead we simply see you as another way to educate new crew and guests in water safety and enjoyment. We will always do our upmost to minimise inconvenience to your busy schedules and be absolutely transparent regarding the costs and time involved. 

Our RYA Training Team:

Our Training Centre Chief Instructor has been an RYA Instructor Trainer since 2004, she is the author of the RYA PWC Handbook, a 2 x RYA Training award winning Instructor Trainer with over 20 years experience of PWC (jetski) & Powerboat training in the UK & overseas therefore ensuring that all the instructors and courses run by Marine Education retain the highest standards. Our team also boasts 7 of the most experienced RYA PWC & Powerboat Instructor Trainers in the world, with much of their year spent running crew training onboard Superyacht's therefore ensuring you get the best instruction and experience during your course. 

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At Our U.K. Centre in Poole, dorset

The important questions to ask any RYA training centre:

Does the training centre have public liability insurance for training outside of their 'base' country?

Yes, we are covered for training in the whole of the E.U.

Does the training centre have insurance to cover their staff?

Yes, all our staff our covered for personal accident under our policy 

How much experience does the schools training team have at running RYA Instructor training?

Our management staff each have a minimum of 10 years experience in instructor training; we also use other trainers who have proven themselves through their work with us and within the industry as a whole. 

How much experience do the RYA PWC trainers have running 'onboard' Superyacht specific training?

Our management staff have been involved with onboard RYA training since it's inception in 2007. All our other staff have a minimum of 2 years experience of running onboard training. We will NEVER send an unaccompanied 'yacht newbie' onboard. 

Do the staff have an understanding of Yacht etiquette?

We all had to start somewhere; but after 10 years of running onboard training courses; we are confident that our staff will always be polite and appropriate. We know that each Yacht operates slightly differently and therefore our staff will always take the lead from the Crew onboard. 

Why are the course prices set as they are?

Unlike many other businesses within the Superyacht Industry; we do not perceive you as a 'cash cow'; instead we simply see you as another way to educate new crew and guests in water safety and enjoyment. Our course prices for training are 'fixed' so there are no hidden extras; dependant on where your training takes place will dictate additional costs for the trainers travel/accomodation; we will always be absolutely transparent when making these arrangements and will ALWAYS find the most reasonable and cost effect travel/accomodation options.

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