our Teaching CrafT - PWC / Jetski's

PWC (jetski):

Our PWC Fleet:


2018 Yamaha FXHO Cruiser Waverunner
Yamaha FX-HO Cruiser 160hp (with RiDE system)
2008 Yamaha FXHO Waverunner
Yamaha FX-HO 160hp
2018 Yamaha VX Waverunner
Yamaha VX 140hp (with RiDE system)

Marine Education is supported by:

Yamaha Marine UK

Coming for the 2020 season...

2020 VX Limited Waverunner, replacing our 2018 VX...

Yamaha TR1 High Output, 1049cc

2020 Yamaha FXHO Cruiser Waverunner, replacing our 2018 FXHO...

1.8L High Output Yamaha Engine 1812cc

personal kit we provide for your use during the course:

Impact Buoyancy Aid

Yamaha WR4 Impact Buoyancy Aid

Our WR 4 Buckle Vest can give WaveRunner fanatics an extra level of protection and comfort when they are doing water activities.

  • Certified by 50N ISO
  • CE Approved according to ISO 12402.5


3mm full length neoprene wetsuit


These wetsuit shoes are resistant to abrasion and provide thermal comfort, thanks to the 1.5 mm neoprene uppers.

Spray top:

Designed for protection against the rain and wind in cool and warm weather,

Windproof with a hood that follows the movements of the head, adjustable hem and cuffs to help prevent wind from getting in. 2 handy pockets.