Complete & submit eMedical Declaration Form PRIOR to your course:

Lake Yard Marina, Poole

RYA YMI to Powerboat Instructor Conversion Course Joining Information:

Timings: 09:00 - 17:30 (Meet outside Lake Yard Club)


What to bring: 

  • Summer: Warm jumper/ jacket, sunglasses, suncream, cap
  • Winter: warm clothing, including a hat, gloves etc
  • Non-marking footwear - i.e. sailing boots / trainers
  • Lifejacket (150N) or Buoyancy aid (50N) - if you have one, otherwise we will provide this
  • Wet weather gear - we have light wet weather gear for your to borrow if required. 
  • Water / Drink for on the boat
  • Money for lunch / drinks
  • RYA Powerboat Logbook, RYA Start powerboating handbook, RYA Powerboat handbook and RYA Power schemes Instructor handbook if you have one. 
  • YMI Certificate, First Aid certificate, RYA Powerboat level 2 certificate, RYA membership number
  • Passport photo with your name printed on the reverse

Buy any of the books below by clicking this link:

Powerboating Books

Course Pre-Requisites: 

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Course joining information:

The aim of the course is to provide you with the skills necessary to teach the RYA Powerboat level 1 & Level 2 courses (+ safety boat course if you have the relevant qualification).

To set you on the right track, we would suggest you consider borrowing or buying the publications above, you will need access to them before your course in order to familiarise yourself with the content. 


Your Health: 

You will be required to sign a Health Declaration before commencing your instructor course - please check the example wording below and if you have any concerns please contact the centre as we will just need you to fill out an extra form if so. 

"I declare that I am not suffering from any physical or mental impairment which has an adverse effect on my ability to properly discharge my duty of care as an instructor. I undertake to inform the RYA if this changes and agree to submit to a medical examination if requested by the RYA."


What's involved:

Candidates will be tested on their boat handling skills, knowledge of the Powerboat scheme and should be familiar with the current syllabus in the Powerboat logbook G20. The emphasis of the course is to adapt the knowledge and teaching style of the candidate to the powerboat scheme and contain the following elements: 

  • Familiarisation with the RYA Powerboat Level 2 and 2 syllabi and level of knowledge required including navigation theroy
  • The importance and necessity of demonstrations whilst teaching
  • Awareness of and successful management of the time constraints of an RYA Powerboat level 2 course

Throughout the course, candidates must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Use of neutral as a gear during slow speed manouvering
  • One hand steer, One hand gear at all times
  • Wearing a kill cord at all times
  • Use of directed thrust that outboard engines provide  


Pre-Course Work: 

To assist you, it would help if you worked through the following tasks prior to the course:


1) Assess your own knowledge & skills in the following areas:


Theory - Uses & limitations of GPS, Weather, IRPCS, Knots, Hull types & engine drives, Navigation, Passage planning, Buoyage, Tides & Tidal streams etc. (Refer to G20 Powerboat logbook & G13 Powerboat handbook for more info)

Practical - Close quarter boat handling (i.e. pontoon work, turning in a confined space etc), Picking up a mooring, Man overboard (the RYA method!), Anchoring etc. (Refer to G20 Powerboat logbook for more info)


Ask yourself the following question:

"If I were asked about any of the above, would I be able to answer confidently and accurately?"


If the answer is no, or you are not sure, please do some revision prior to the course, keeping in mind that your students may ask questions far advanced of the RYA level 2 syllabus.


2) Read and understand the RYA Powerboat logbook (G20), RYA Start Powerboating handbook (G48) and the relevant sections of RYA Powerboat handbook (G13)


Pre-Course Checklist:

Please make sure you have the following when you arrive for the first day of your course:


a) RYA YMI Instructor Certificate


b) First aid certificate, as approved by the RYA


c) RYA Powerboat level 2 certificate (+ safety boat certificate if you have one)


d) passport photo with your name printed on the reverse


e) Your RYA membership number.

To join or renew your membership with the RYA please click on the link below:


Join the RYA online today

f) Any notes you have made & the books you have borrowed/purchased


g) Personal clothing & protective equipment i.e. wet weather gear, buoyancy aid (minimum 50N CE/EN393 marked) OR lifejacket, boots, gloves, hat etc - please note the centre cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage. Please do not bring valuables with you.


h) Lunch - please bring some money to buy lunch. 



Possible Course Outcomes: 

  • PASS
  • ACTION PLAN - If for any reason you do not quite meet the criteria set by the RYA, then the outcome may be that you receive an action plan. This will be written and give clear guidance on the items you are required to complete prior to being issued with your Powerboat instructor certificate. You will always receive a S.M.A.R.T. action plan (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) that will be discussed and agreed with you. Example actions are:- Improving powerboat handling skills, Gain confidence teaching, Improve background knowledge etc.  
  • FAIL - Highly unlikely, so don't even think about it! 

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