Powerboat Equipment Checklist

Equipment Item Considerations
 Lifejackets  Ensure they are in date, correctly fitted, appropriate for the conditions and the wearer knows how they operate.
Paddles Incase you lose engine power / function
Bailer Should you inadvertently take on water
Towline If you need a tow or need to assist someone else who does
Throwline Its must easier to retrieve a conscious person overboard by throwing them a line and heaving them back to the vessel
Toolkit For the simple things that seem to dismantle themselves when you least expect it !
Survival Bag Either fro post immersion or just because people get cold ! 
1st Aid Kit Because you just never know.. 
Anchor w/chain or warp For when you find that perfect spot to stop and / or in the event of a break down when you want to stop for other reasons!
Distress Flares 2 x orange smoke + red hand held flare (at a minimum for close coastal cruising)
Sharp Knife Propellor wraps are a very real thing.. its not always easy to see debris in the water
Fire Extinguisher Because we all have have bad luck sometimes.. make sure its suitable for petrol fires!
VHF (fixed or handheld) To monitor local activities & in case of an emergency. 
Mayday Procedure Card Not all your occupants will be familiar with VHF, having easy to read instructions may just be your saviour!
Radar Reflector If you have a place to put one, it will make you easier to spot by larger craft. You can get inflatable ones too so they are easy to stow before and after your adventures afloat. 
Fog Horn A good way of attracting attention if required aside to the practicality in fog. 

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