RYA powerability courses

The RYA's new Powerability now extends the accessibility of powerboat skippering to all by introducing the opportunity for disabled people to  gain RYA Powerability qualifications. 

Power ability compliments and dovetails into the RYA Powerboat Level 1 course. The scheme covers the clothing and safety equipment an individual needs, getting started in a powerboat, developing crew kills and what it takes to be at the helm. 

Some 30 tasks are set out under these heading with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates available. 

For each level a number of tasks must be completed and a minimum number of sessions attended. The aim is to encourage skill development and ongoing participation on a pathway into the rest of the RYA Powerboat Scheme. 


MINIMUM NUMBER OF SESSIONS TO ATTEND                                                                   

 BRONZE  5 2
GOLD 25 6

course Accessibility:

Due to the nature of our site and the type of powerboat we sadly have some restrictions on who we can take on the water. If you are able to stand for a period of time (minimum 30mins) and move unaided into the powerboat* we would love to have you join us for one of our courses. 


Partially Ambulant* (i.e. use of crutches or similar)

Learning disabilities (with carer if required)

Hearing impairment and who uses hearing aids

Visually Impaired (with assistance)

Health Impairment* such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis within EDSS Scale 0 - 4.5 / 5 

Non-Ambulant (unfortunately our boat is not wheel chair accessible)

Profoundly Deaf


Deaf / Blind

site amentities:

Wheelchair accessible Toilet and Shower (Port of Poole Marina)

Ramped Pontoons (Lake Yard & Port of Poole Marina)

Wheelchair accessible toilet and Shower (Lake Yard Marina)

Wheelchair accessible restaurant / building

Contrast colour edge markings

our training boat:

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Powerboat & Jetski Courses: Port of Poole Marina

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