new to jetskiing?

Fancy giving it a go, or learning how to ride a jetski (PWC)? See below:

New to Jetskiing? by Candi Abbott


Q: Do I need insurance? 

There is currently no legal requirement to have jet ski insurance when operating on U.K. coastal waters. However there are many lakes and coastal launch sites that do require it so check the local rules before you go. If you choose not to get insurance you must remember that you will still be liable if you have an accident / collision.. at minimum we would strongly recommend pubic liability insurance for this reason.. 

Q: Why get jet ski insurance? 

  • Public Liability: incase you damage another person or someone else property. 
  • Accidental Damage: ensure this covers underwater objects too.. 
  • Theft (from home or when you're away): from home/storage location, whilst in transit or at the launch location 
  • Personal accident: Death or injury for you and your passenger/s

Q: Where can I get a jet ski insurance quote? 

R.J.P. Marine Insurance, Towergate Insurance, GJW Direct

Q: Do i need a licence to ride a jetski? Is it the law to have a jet ski licence / certificate?

You do not currently require a jet ski licence / certificate to operate in U.K. coastal waters, however many launch sites, slipways and lakes do require this, so check the local rules / regulations before you go. If you hold an RYA jetski (PWC) certificate this will more often than not reduce your insurance premium. More info regarding exceptions to this rule can be seen at:

Q: What equipment do i need for my jetski?

See here: 

Q: Can i launch anywhere? 

Q: What are the rules to ride a jetski?

Often these will be 'area specific' so check with the local harbour authority etc, read the local signage etc before you head out. Completing the RYA jetski (PWC) proficiency course will teach you the rules of the road to ensure you know the correct actions to take to avoid collision. 

More information about the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (I.R.P.C.S.) also know as 'rules of the road' can be seen at: 

Q: How to safely trailer a jetski? How to secure a jetski on a trailer?

See here: 

Q: Do you have to have visible I.D. numbers on your jetski?

Depends where you launch, lots of coastal locations require your Datatag number to be displayed before launching (I.E. it is a byelaw) 

Aside to that Datatag is an excellent security system (ie the data dots that come as part of the Datatag pack) pwc theft is definitely a thing so protecting your gear for the sake of £65 i think its well worth the investment

Q: Considerations when buying a jetski?

Questions to ask yourself:


  • Why do you want a jetski (PWC)? 

  • Do you have the time to use it? - If you’re not sure then there are other options available to get you afloat such as PWC Safari’s, PWC shared ownership schemes & PWC Club’s (where you pay £x amount per year to gain a certain number of days of PWC use)   

  • Can you already ride a PWC? - If not, get trained or consider getting trained anyway as holding a certificate can reduce your annual insurance premium. 

  • Can you afford it? - The cost of buying the PWC is one thing, but don’t forget to consider additional costs involved, fuel, oil, storage, insurance, maintenance, safety equipment, personal kit etc

  • Where will you use it? Find out where you are allowed to use your PWC

  • Where will you store it? At home, at a marina, in a storage yard/unit

  • How many passengers are you likely to take? This will dictate the size of the PWC, check the load capacity. 

  • Who else will use it? - If you have friends/ family members that are likely to use it then consider what is best for them too. 

  • Do you plan to buy new or second hand? New/newer PWC of course will be more expensive, but these often come with warranty that will offer you peace of mind. 

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