Throw - struggling casualty as may try to grab rescuer.

Go - Approach from behind 


Live Bait rescue - when crew on pwc leaps upstream of casualty to retrieve them 


Dynamic risk assessments


Planning - weather and tides, flood warnings 


Amount of water

Speed of the flow / force

River water (fast in middle, less on edges)

Weirs - Fast flowing, dangerous under currents, changing levels


Vertical drops - drawn in to via tow back - held by recirculating water

Flow around large fixed objects - eddy - turbulent and difficult to exit


Tides - can better prepare for. Currents, tides, waves. Avoid getting cut off due to low water. (Flood tides) 


PPE mainteinance - decontamination 



IRPCS (road rules) - (refresher) Carry out pre-launch checks & launching
PWC use in differing sea conditions Board from shallow water (refresher)
Effective Communication Operate in close quarters
Lee Shore Hazards Aid another craft in distress
BASIC MAINTENANCE  Set up & perform a tow on another vessel (refresher)
Understands: Reboard from deep water (refresher)
Basic Engine Maintenance / trouble shooting Recover a Person from the water (Helm only)
Can: Recover a Person from the water (Helm & Crew)
Prepare a PWC before departure Recover an injured person from the water (Helm only)
Perform PWC aftercare & maintenance Recover an injured person from the water (Helm & Crew)
EQUIPMENT Recover an unconscious person from the water (Helm only)
Understands: Recover an unconscious person from the water (Helm & Crew)
Personal Kit - always being prepared to get back without your PWC ! Safely carry out a high speed response
Can:  Understands:
Dress appropriately for the conditions  PWC Capsize Recovery
Prepare PWC safety equipment prior to departure How to attract attention in an emergency
  Charts & important Symbols (refresher)
  Buoyage (refresher)
  Tides & Tidal Streams (refresher)
  The importance of a passage plan
  When to make a VHF Marine Radio Distress Call
  Create a passage plan
  Make a VHF Marine Radio Mayday (Distress) Call

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