RYA Instructor development


If you've even landed on this page, applause to you for researching how you can develop your personal and/or instructing skills. No-one wants to be just 'average' in the skill / discipline / job or career path they have chosen. As instructors as have all chosen to carry out a role where the purpose is to help people learn, teach them new skills and develop their competence and confidence and that is exactly what we would like to do for you... 

Our promise to you is that we will provide a stress free environment, with no presumptions, no assessment and no judgement. Our sole purpose of offering these sessions is to help you;  if we help you feel more confident, in turn you will help others  feel more confident too. 


Our Principal has won the RYA Powerboat Trainer Award and RYA PWC Trainer Award and has over 20 years of experience of RYA Powerboat & PWC (jetski) training under her belt/lifejacket/buoyancy aid in the UK, overseas, onboard Superyacht's and is the author of the RYA PWC Handbook, therefore ensuring that instructor development is carried out to the highest standards and meets RYA syllabi and guidelines. Our team boats 7 of the most experienced RYA Instructor Trainers in the world, therefore ensuring you get the best instruction and guidance during your training. 


Though we are a business we will always endeavour to keep the costs to an economical minimum for these sessions. If you're interested in pursuing any of the below then reach out to friends/ colleagues working in the sector, you will be very surprised that once you 'plant the idea seed' how many people will admit they also would benefit from these things. The more people you can get to attend with you (within ratio), the lower the fee will be.. 


Simply because these are the items we get asked for assistance with most frequently.. if you have other ideas / needs / requirements just drop us a line; as long as its with the RYA syllabi we would be more than happy to accommodate. 


Twin Engine Training

Having the skills, ability and option to say 'yes' to running training (own boat or otherwise) on a twin engine powerboat is a must for many instructors both freelancing and working at commercial powerboat centres. 

We are fairly unique in that one of our training boats is a 7.3m Boston Whaler Outrage with twin Yamaha outboard engine, allowing you the option to take part in a training day focusing on twin engine specific drills and skills to allow you to gain confidence and comfort handling a larger, 'hard sided' powerboat. 

Maximum Participant Ratio - 3:1

Introduction to Powerboating at Night

Are you considering taking the route towards becoming an RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor but either not had the opportunity to operate a powerboat at night or are simply unsure as to whether operating a powerboat at night is for you.. then we offer an option to go out for a short experience session so that you can decide before investing the time and money into further training. 

Maximum Participant Ratio - 3:1

Night Navigation Skills Builder

If you're heading towards your RYA Advanced Powerboat Exam or RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor course and need to gain more night navigation hours this is certainly something we can assist you with. RYA Trainer and/or RYA Examiner led sessions ensure that you will take part in sessions that focus on building up your night navigation skills in preparation for your Advanced CoC exam or Advanced Powerboat Instructor Course. 

Maximum Participant Ratio - 3:1

Powerboat & PWC Instructor Navigation Theory Session

We are all acutely aware of the sometimes low navigation theory skill level of PWC instructors.. this is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact we celebrate you for the fact that you want to learn more! Far better than getting caught out whilst running a RYA PWC proficiency course to a student who is a Advanced powerboat, Yachtmaster, Airline pilot or similar.. 

You can of course opt to self study to bring your background knowledge up, or complete the RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship online course but even better would be to have an experienced RYA Instructor Trainer offer you some teaching ideas, solutions and top tips on how to meet the syllabus requirements,  get the best out of your sessions and for yourself and your students to enjoy it along the way.. 

Maximum Participant Ratio - 6:1


Improving your PWC Handling Techniques

Ever feel like:

  • you don't get enough time riding a PWC? 
  • you don't know how to ride a PWC (jetski) with the Yamaha RiDE system?
  • you don't feel comfortable riding a PWC (jetski) with manual reverse?
  • you're unsure or not confident of recovering a student onto your PWC in an emergency? 
  • your planing speed & cornering techniques leave something to be desired? 

We are privileged to be supported by Yamaha UK and therefore offer the opportunity for you to gain experience riding the most modern Yamaha Waverunner's available, we also have 'Betty' who is our older Yamaha FXHO for those who wish to learn the techniques of manual reverse. As many new and most older second hand PWCs being purchased still retain this feature it is essential that we can share these skills with our students and therefore have the competence and ability ourselves. 

Maximum Participant Ratio - 6:1

Interested in any of the above or perhaps something different?

Be brave.. commit, start a conversation about what you need today... we'd love to help.