Free Tutorials · 23. November 2019
An Introduction to Nautical Charts. Focusing on colours, features, depths, important symbols including buoyage and hazards

Free Tutorials · 20. November 2019
Coming Alongside a Pontoon into the wind or tidal stream can be done very simply, safely and easily using a technique known as ferry gliding. By using the element/s to control your speed and direction with gentle throttle use you can 'crab' your powerboat into a pontoon to ensure you arrive gently. This is a very non-stressful way of getting your boat alongside! In this video we had 35 knots of wind blowing (Force 6) so using another technique may have been a little more speedy / stressful !

Free Tutorials · 20. November 2019
How to spring off a dock or pontoon in a powerboat. How to get off a pontoon when the wind or tide is pushing you on? How to leave a tight berth in a powerboat?

Free Tutorials · 20. November 2019
International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IRPCS) also known as road rules.

Free Tutorials · 01. November 2019
How to prepare for the RYA Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment

jetski · 30. September 2019
Winter jet skiing. What to wear in the winter on a jetski? Jetski winter clothing.

Free Tutorials · 28. September 2019
Powerboat safety equipment checklist. what safety kit should i carry on my powerboat?

Sea Safety · 27. September 2019
How to choose the right lifejacket for you? Life jacket types & inflation methods. How does a lifejacket work? Parts of a lifejacket?

Sea Safety · 27. September 2019
Why wear a crotch strap on your lifejacket? How lifejacket crotch straps work?

vhf/src marine radio · 16. September 2019
Mayday Relay protocol update. Change to VHF Distress Relay.

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