VHF Marine Radio

VHF Marine Radio · 30. March 2020
VHF Marine Radio Channel Allocations. What VHF channels can you use?
VHF Marine Radio · 30. March 2020
Learn VHF Marine Radio Routine ProWords (Procedure Words)

VHF Marine Radio · 27. March 2020
How to make a Mayday distress call on a VHF marine radio?
VHF Marine Radio · 27. March 2020
Learn - Test - Check Phonetic Alphabet VHF Marine Radio

VHF Marine Radio · 16. September 2019
Mayday Relay protocol update. Change to VHF Distress Relay.
VHF Marine Radio · 11. May 2019
What channel to make as VHF radio check? How do you know your VHF radio is working and fully functional?

VHF Marine Radio · 02. February 2017
Boat owners, shipping companies and anyone who puts out to sea are being informed about a change in some of the VHF channel numbers used to contact UK Coastguard. As a result of changes to Appendix 18 (Marine VHF) of the Radio Regulations it will mean that VHF channels 23, 84 and 86 will no longer be used for either Maritime Safety Information (MSI) or Radio Medical Advice. The channels to use from September 2017 will be VHF 62, 63 and 64. The use of VHF Channel 10 for MSI and pollution control...
VHF Marine Radio · 19. December 2016

VHF Marine Radio · 02. May 2015
It is a legal requirement that anyone using a VHF radio (handheld or fixed) is qualified to do so. The only exception is in an emergency situation when anyone may use the radio to call for help. Why would I spend my money on doing a course and buying a VHF and not just use my mobile phone? Many mobile phone networks have poor coverage at sea It is illegal to operate a VHF without an operators licence You can only speak to one person on a mobile phone, when you transmit on a radio everyone...
VHF Marine Radio · 02. May 2015
Failure to hold a valid Ship Radio licence is a criminal offence and Ofcom's enforcement team can impose on the spot fines. The maximum penalty on conviction is a £5000 and/or a six month prison sentence. Find out more at www.ofcom.org.uk

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