Sea Safety

Sea Safety · 17. April 2020
How to choose the right lifejacket? Types of lifejacket? What type of lifejacket should i use? Manual vs. automatic lifejackets? Lifejacket Accessories? Parts of a lifejacket
Sea Safety · 10. April 2020
Nautical Terms on powerboats and Jet Ski's. What are the nautical terms on powerboats ? What are the nautical terms for jetski's?

Sea Safety · 05. April 2020
What does radar stand for? How does radar work? What are the main uses of radar? IRPCS & the use of radar. SOLAS V radar regulations. Using radar for collision avoidance. Determining risk of collision with radar.
Sea Safety · 01. April 2020
How to anchor? Types of anchor? Considerations when anchoring?

Sea Safety · 31. March 2020
Learn - Test - Check your knowledge of Boat Navigation Lights. What lights are shown on boats at night?
Sea Safety · 29. March 2020
International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IRPCS) also known as road rules. Learn It, Test yourself, Check yourself

Sea Safety · 27. September 2019
How to choose the right lifejacket for you? Life jacket types & inflation methods. How does a lifejacket work? Parts of a lifejacket?
Sea Safety · 27. September 2019
Why wear a crotch strap on your lifejacket? How lifejacket crotch straps work?

Sea Safety · 26. August 2018
#stayontop #lifejacket #killcords #uselessunlessworn #HMCoastguard #RNLI #RYA #MarineEducation
Sea Safety · 04. July 2018
HM Coastguard adopts RYA SafeTrx as new safety ID scheme

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