Poole Harbour Jetski Guide
jetski · 18. February 2021
Poole Harbour and the surrounding areas is truly an epic place to learn to ride a jetski (PWC), gain experience or to launch and go out on an adventure to explore the local coastline.
Jet Skiing · 13. June 2020
Top tips for getting back on the water on your jetski (PWC) after the lock down period. #sailfromhome #returntoboating #lockdown #toptips #jetski #pwc #covid19 #Check

31. May 2020
Where to launch your boat or jetski in Poole Harbour?
Powerboating · 22. May 2020
Boat & Jetski Trailers and towing in the UK What can I tow? What are the speed limits when towing a trailer? Do i need brakes on my trailer? What do I need to check before I tow my boat / jetski? Boat trailer laws. Jetski Trailer Laws

Jet Skiing · 01. May 2020
Jetski adventure cruising. Preparing for longer trips on a jetski. GPS on a jetski. Jetski (PWC) emergency equipment. Planning a trip on a jetski
RYA Instructor Training · 30. April 2020
What does E.D.I.C.T.S. stand for and how to use it when teaching or delivering lessons?

Powerboating · 29. April 2020
How to spring a powerboat on and off a pontoon? How to turn on a warp? Methods of coming alongside and leaving a pontoon on a powerboat using springs.
Powerboating · 28. April 2020
How to turn a powerboat in a confined space, pivot turning a boat. Preparing to turn a boat in a confined area. How to turn a twin engine boat in a confined area.

RYA Instructor Training · 27. April 2020
How to use questions to check student understanding? Open vs. Closed Questions. Questioning techniques. Question Funnel. Why do we ask questions? Asking questions to improve learning. Using open-ended questions whilst teaching. RYA Instructing, RYA Coaching.
First Aid · 17. April 2020
What is cold water shock? What is immersion hypothermia? What is the survival time? How to treat immersion hypothermia as a first aider?

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