A few samples of our customer feedback..

Gaining the knowledge that i needed and increasing confidence - Steve (RYA Powerboat Level 2)

Going fast and being really great at it - Polly  (RYA Powerboat Level 2)

I love the way that this was my first time on a jetski and not once was i made to feel incompetent. I felt I was in very safe hands with the knowledge and encouragement i was given from the very professional  instructor. I have come away feeling very confident and aware of the PWC rules of the water. I had a great day; apart from the wetsuit tan lines!! - Gemma (RYA PWC Proficiency course)

Building up our knowledge during the day on the PWCs and gradually being able to enjoy the performance but also being constantly informed of the dangers and awareness required on the water. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and will be a responsible jetski user. A huge thank you for teaching us today. - David (RYA PWC Proficiency Course)

Great confidence building before our Round Ireland charity trip - Tim (RYA PWC Proficiency Course)

I was allowed to grow in confidence in a nurturing atmosphere. The course as a whole was very well constructed and delivered. 

- Bryan (RYA Powerboat instructor skills assessment & course)

Gaining knowledge on how to effectively instruct and teach, consistently presented in a enjoyable and light manner whilst still learning a lot of information in the 3 days - Charlie (RYA Powerboat instructor course)

A relaxed and fun approach and seeing my own teaching skills develop - Helen (RYA Powerboat instructor course)

Great humour, great course. One of the best instructors I have ever met. - Mike (RYA PWC Instructor course)

I really enjoyed the practicality and allowing us to be hands on from the get go - Jess (RYA PWC Instructor Course)

I thought the course was very good and thorough, i learnt a lot. Both Trainers were very relaxed and comfortable. I don't think anything could be improved. - Suzie (RYA PWC Instructor Course)