Tidal Curves Tutorial

tidal curves tutorial: learn - test - check

1) Source Tidal Data

2) Insert Low Water Height - Marked as A

3) Insert High Water Height - Marked as B

4) Join a straight line between LW and HW

5) Insert Low Water Time - Marked as C (don’t forget to add an hour for BST if relevant)

6) Springs or Neaps? 

7) Mark a line from the time we want to know height of tide, up to either the Spring or Neap line on the curve - Marked as 1 

8) Draw a line from our curve to where it intersects the HW/LW line - Marked as 2

9) Draw a line to the top or bottom scale - Marked as 3

10) This will then show you height of tide at the time you chose

Test Yourself:

Now its your turn to have  a go ! Download the Tidal Curve Quiz to see how much you've learnt ? 

Tidal Curve Quiz.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 160.9 KB

Check Yourself:

See if you got it right... download the answer

Tidal Curve Quiz Answers.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 367.2 KB

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